In my Women's Self-Defence classes, in order to maximise the empowerment of women I teach a combination of ‘reality based’ self–defence techniques and mix them with some traditional kali and kickboxing moves.

You’ll get a great workout on the pads learning to kick, punch, knee and elbow which will make you fitter, stronger, more toned and less stressed.

You’ll also learn good situational awareness, from early danger recognition and how to enforce personal boundaries, through to grabs, joint manipulation and escape techniques.

I’ll give you a skillset and the courage to use it, and perhaps most importantly, the increased awareness in order to avoid trouble in the first place.

I aim you to make you a safer, happier, more functional you.

Classes are at St George’s Church, Crayford Rd, Tufnell Park N7 0ND at 10 am on Wednesdays.

NB Take the BLUE DOOR from the car park behind the church and go upstairs to the studio.

After a free introductory lesson, women's classes are £12 on a pay-as-you-go basis and class size will be limited to 10. Cheaper block bookings are available. The lessons are 75 minutes long. Come along (commitment-free) to see how you can benefit.